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Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association

The Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health association (BFPA) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1992. Its activities are oriented towards several main areas of work – access to health care, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) including sexually transmitted infections, health and sexuality education, gender, trafficking, sustainable development. Main target groups are young people, women, state, local and school authorities, health professionals, NGO and community leaders, teachers, journalists with special focus on marginalized and vulnerable groups – Roma, other minorities, blind and deaf, young people in institutions, with criminal record, rural women. BFPA provides in Sofia and its five centers free exams and counseling in the following areas: family planning, contraception, gynecology, venerology, sexology, VCT (voluntary counseling and testing), respecting the rights of the client. BFPA conducts mobile health services in rural areas with screenings and PAP smears to prevent cervical cancer, with focus on vulnerable groups. In schools, Roma communities  and rural areas educational sessions on HPV and vaccinations are held as part of the sexuality education and peer education modules.

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