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Društvo ŠKUC

logo Skuc.ŠKUC is one of the leading non-governmental organisations. Not only promoting non-profit cultural and artistic activity in Slovenia. In the past few years the activities of ŠKUC have expanded to areas such as providing information and counselling for young people, education, a library, archives, social affairs, health prevention, sociology, humanism as well as research activities. It has also acquired the status of a association working in the public interest in the area of health care.

ŠKUC has an information centre for young people, which was established in 1998. It is an informal network of six non-profit organisations collecting and disseminating information free of charge to interested young people as well as to all youth organisations located in Ljubljana and Slovenia. It regularly organises several activities for young people.

ŠKUC's youth info network in youth centres in every city around Slovenia is perfect for realisation of this project.

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