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Osservatorio Nazionale sulla salute della Donna O.N.Da.

logo O.N.DA.The National Observatory for Women's Health (O.N.Da) aims to study the main pathologies affecting women and to propose preventive strategies, promoting a gender-focused health culture.

O.N.Da supports basic and clinical research on the main pathologies, it evaluates their social and economic impact, it informs Institutions, medical staff and public.

Many studies show that women still result disadvantaged compared to men on the subject of health care, and confirm the importance of promoting a social and individual awareness about women's health risk factors.

These factors don't only refer to the reproductive aspects of women's life, but they are in general linked to women's social role. In fact women are today increasingly busy having an intense working life as well as an intense family life, with inevitable repercussions on their health. This comes from a women's natural attitude to satisfy first of all their families' needs, even before satisfying their own needs.

Another important matter is that the medical research and the health care system don't deal match with women's health problems because these issues are scarcely studied as is still scarce the participation of women to clinical studies. Gender differences and their implications on women’ s health have been just now reckoned.

O.N.Da aims to promote a gender-focused health culture by promoting the concept that the gender differences have different influences on health and on the way that health is perceived. Policies of disease prevention should take more into account these differences in order to gain equity and equal opportunities.

The National Observatory for Women's Health also aims to increase research on the main pathologies affecting women considering especially their economical, political and social implications. It contributes to diffuse medical information and to promote women’s active social role in evaluating research and scientific knowledge.

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