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Society for Oncology Patients “Dzivibas koks”

logo DzivibasKoks.Support society for oncology patients Dzivibas koks is a NGO representing the interests of more than 50,000 oncology patients in Latvia. In 2007 Dzivibas koks was acknowledged as the best NGO in Latvia. The main objectives of Dzivibas koks operation are the following: promotion of active involvement of oncology patients and their families in the public space; promotion of integration of the oncology patients in the society, improvement of the life quality of the patients and their families, as well as informing the society and promoting its understanding of oncologic diseases. Dzivibas koks merges patients, doctors, relatives etc. It has carried out several information campaigns about cervical cancer, vaccination and HPV prevention. Members of Dzivibas koks has took part in different seminars and conferences in Latvia about this problem. As a patient organization Dzivibas koks works a lot on informing society about need to of screening and prevention to avoid cancer.

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