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Uniwersytet Lódzki

logo Lodz.The Faculty of Educational Studies researches are focused on the process of educating children and young people at all levels of education, as well as the conditions, disorders, and consequences of the process of education. A very important research theme carried out at the Faculty pertains to life-span human development. The research  concerns regularities and disorders in the course of developmental processes, their optimisation, prevention, rehabilitation and also psychotherapy. Research areas include also: the psychological aspects of work and various forms of career guidance and professional counseling; healthy and risky behaviors of children, youth and adults (psychological, environmental, and socio-cultural determinants); psycho-oncology and psycho-dermatology; determinants and strategies of coping with a sickness; personality dimensions of selected somatic diseases; human sexuality; psychological aspects of reproductive health  (including high-risk pregnancy, infertility and menoapuse).

University of Lodz is implementing the project in cooperation with:
- Regional Medical Chamber in Lodz:
- Gynaecologist Forum:

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